Blaine Scott

Is the three time world champion of jumping over sh*t and a professional badass all around. He once skied past Shane McConkey on the Dolomite Mountains and saved Laird Hamiltion while surfing Jaws. He BASE jumps off half dome on his sick days. His adrenaline levels are epically off the charts and he will do f*cking anything you ask him to. He lives with his hot wife Gina and bitchin’ children and is the luckiest mother f*cker on the planet.

Blaine will explode his custom car from 0 to 80 mph 2.53 seconds straight off the ramp, fly over the street and land on top of a 15 f*cking story building. He will be the first person to ever do this landing him in the Guinness Book World Records of Don’t Give A F*ck.

  • This diagram shows that Blaine will accelerate to 80mph on our boss ramp, curving upwards to a 20 degree angle.
  • He will then fly 140 ft in the air over the street, taking into account 5.3g’s of downforce and land safely on top of the building, 150 feet in the air.

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